Curatr lists Alida Cahi

Curatr is pleased to announce the listing of the most talented local artist, Alida Cahi. “From the moment I laid eyes on Alida’s work, I was adamant to list her original works no matter what it took. Alida is Curatr’s first Original Artist listing and besides being stunning, contemporary, fun and appealing to a very broad audience, she has also made her work affordable and available to a far broader audience” says Curatr Founder, Zavi Stein.

About Alida Cahi

Born and bred in South Africa, Alida resides in Johannesburg. Her love for art, its history and its ability to express emotion lies deep in her heart and this passion shines through all her works. These vary from pencil sketches, acrylic on canvas, black and white images, perspex pieces and of course her iconic newspaper pop art.

She is widely travelled and draws her inspiration from what she sees, hears, tastes and smells on her travels. Alida’s flair for fashion and discerning taste for colour and texture plays out not only in her work of art but in her beautiful art-filled home.

Her debut solo exhibition was held in 2019 where 50 pieces sold including an image of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, one of her favourite subjects.

Since then, Alida has established an international presence and she takes great pride in knowing that her works of art hang in many homes and offices across the world.

About Alida’s Work

Some of her favorite characters are Disney-inspired with a bit of the well-known Bart, and even the hugely popular high-fashion French Bulldog. Alida’s creates her works on British Newspaper which is of a very high quality. Curatr has listed her works in one size however custom size and/or character requests are welcome.

We are so excited to list Alida’s work as it aligns to the vibrancy and uniqueness of Curatr’s existing collections. Alida’s works can be viewed and purchased here.