Curatr lists Tanya Sternberg

Listing Tanya Sternberg’s !NK range is a highly positive step for Curatr, bringing another well-known Artist to their audience. “I’d been eyeing Tanya work for some time and by chance, had the opportunity to meet her face-to-face at a Cape Town party,” says Zavi Stein, Founder at Curatr.  “Tanya’s art is sought after globally and is a luxury statement to have an original work is ones home. The black and white dominance with a pop of colour in the !NK range is simple yet striking.”

The !NK Collection

!NK is a collection of laser-cut, hand-painted artworks on paper. Each piece is intricate and detailed, yet bold and graphic.

Framed and floating behind glass, these works create shadows that interact, creating a layered and dynamic effect. Each design is cut in a series and uniquely hand painted.

The !NK range has universal appeal – adorning the walls of hotels and restaurants, workplaces and private residences. Serious, playful, but always soulful, these unique pieces elevate and enhance their surrounding space.

About Tanya Sternberg

Tanya Sternberg (b 1977) lives and works in Cape Town as an artist, wife, mom of three and owner of a crazy Bernese Mountain Dog.

Tanya’s Global Success

She launched !NK design in 2005 and has created a series of artworks for leading South African retailers including Weylandts Home, The Grand Living and numerous private collections.

She has been represented locally and internationally through many galleries and has held solo and group exhibitions at State of the Art Gallery, Eclectica Gallery, Spencer Street Studios, NSA Gallery, SAFIM, PI Fine Art (Canada), Turbine Art Fair 2021& 2022 and Candice Berman Gallery.

Tanya’s works reside throughout South Africa, as well as in Dubai, Paris, Washington, Dallas, New York and Toronto.

Tanya’s work can be viewed and purchased here. Curatr lists her works as 1x1m framed pieces. Other specialised framing requests are welcome.