Curatr lists M.Shap Contemporary Artist

Another Original Art Listing

Fortunately for us, we were recently exposed to the incredible M.Shap, and was intrigued to follow her creative journey. “What I love about M.Shap’s art is the stories and meaning behind her work, which further brings her master pieces to life which makes us deeply excited to list her artwork”, says Zavi Stein, Founder of Curatr..

About M.Shap

Born in 1985, M.Shap is a South African, contemporary artist, born and bred in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

“I like to think of myself as a Conscious Artist: I explore my experiences and observations (both good and bad), allowing concepts, beliefs and feelings to surface. This enables me to learn and, at times heal.

Texture is my number one priority when creating art as I feel as though it is symbolic of our feelings. I believe that our emotions are the textures of our personalities, and so I rely on texture to help me navigate the many feelings each piece represents”.

M.Shap’s Art Creation Goals

I. I want people to learn something about themselves through my creations: I want them to ask themselves questions, explore their subconscious and hopefully get to know themselves better by doing so.

II. I want people to feel seen through my art: The topics I cover in my work are very relatable. I personally feel a sense of relief when I am able to create a visual to something as abstract as a feeling, and I hope to pass on that sense of ease when people look at my work and understand the meaning behind it.

Each layer of paint I apply to the canvas, reveals a layer of myself and the world I live in. The experience has been remarkably cathartic and I am forever grateful that I have been provided with the ability to paint and create. I allow the paintbrush to guide me and help me surrender to whatever cannot be controlled. I always find resolution once the painting is complete, and I like to think that I pass on that resolution to whoever hangs my pieces up in their space.

A collection of M.Shap’s work can be viewed and purchased here. Curatr lists her works as in size A1 or A2 and can be framed or purchased alone.