Curatr offers Art Sourcing

Lockdown’s lasted what feels like a century, and whilst we’re at home, DIY and interior décor has become more and more popular. People have been redoing and reinvigorating internal spaces, with a full 180 degree makeover or just with some small touches that can make a multitude of difference in any focal point.

Great wall art at reasonable prices has been fairly difficult to find, and whilst Curatr has introduced a mass amount of options, we’re always getting asked to find a particular piece that’s literally ‘made-for-me’!

Often, people have in mind what they want for their walls or they’ve seen their dream piece of art. Be it an artist, a style of art or a specific piece of work, Curatr has access to extensive art libraries and can source just about any piece of non-original art for you in a Canvas or Art Print.

If you’ve seen something you love or have an idea of what you’re looking for, drop us a mail at and we will do our utmost to find it for you and give you a quotation as is or for a finished, framed product.