How to measure for the right size Wall Art

The ideal way to measure for the right size art is to use a tape measure or an app on your Android or iOS device. If the art is destined to be behind a couch or bed, decide if you want the sides to go over the edges (of the couch or bed) or not.

Most canvases can be custom ordered to size as long as the width and length do not distort the image.

The most commonly used sizes in South Africa are ‘poster sizes’, which Curatr offers from sizes A3 to A0. Use this as a guide even though not all art is sized like this however we can assist in your size decisions once you’ve tried one of the below home hacks.

There are two great DIY ‘home hacks’ to make this work for you visually:

  1. Get one or two A1 cardboards from your local stationery or grocery store.
    • Half an A1 is an A2
    • Half an A2 is an A3
    • Two A1 carboards make an A0
  2. If you can’t get cardboard, take pieces of A4 printing paper and start connecting them.
    • Two A4’s makes A3
    • Two A3’s makes A2 (4xA4 printing paper)
    • Two A2’s makes A1 (8xA4 printing paper)
    • Two A1’s make A0 (16xA4 printing paper)
      1. Remember to decide of you want the art in portrait (longest side is the height) or landscape format (longest side is the width)

Curatr also offers custom size orders up to 2.5m and we can customize most portrait or landscape art into a square format.

Most importantly, the frame adds a couple of centimeters to the art piece, and if you want a mount board (a white border between the art and the frame), take that into account too.

We’re used to all of this as it’s our business so let Curatr guide you with these decisions.