The Importance of a Vibrant Workspace

It’s been a massively challenging time for many businesses since the onslaught of Covid-19 and the multiple lockdowns. Business leaders have had the luck of saving on some operational costs such as travel, hospitality, entertainment and catering which is a help, but many have chosen to and even been forced to cut back in other places such as people, environment, culture and learning & development.

There are businesses though that have continued to invest in people and workspace. Without a doubt, one’s environment and surroundings play a critical part in workplace satisfaction and can attract and retain the right people.

Working in a corporate environment myself for 25 years, I can so attest to that sentiment. I have worked in really electrifying offices where I’ve been proud to have meetings and I’ve also worked in the most hide-under-the-table ugly environments that I’ve had to dig deep to feel brand love!  One thing’s for sure… A healthy culture with dynamic leadership will not permit their employees to work in an average environment. Average attracts average and dynamism attracts dynamism!

I’ve had the privilege of working through Curatr with some dynamic leaders that have welcomed their employees back to the office with a refreshing look & feel through artistic expression. We’ve arted up offices with SuperHero, Rap Stars, Skul-ture, Movie, Banksy, Brainwash, Taksshi Murakami and Hand Gesture themes. We’ve also done some hot icons with Neon for a canteen. The feedback from the employees was hugely powerful. People have loved I’ve seen firsthand that people recognise the effort that Leaders make for them.

Curatr offers a wide range of affordable wall art canvases and art prints. We offer a personal consulting service in Johannesburg and surrounding areas for businesses including story board suggestions, measuring, framing and installations.