Making a statement with large Wall Art

Some Wall Art pieces are selected merely to enhance or complete a space. We’re finding however that large, statement Wall Art is a growing, super-trend.

Visitors’ attention is always drawn to a large statement art piece. Besides the head-turning size, your choice of genre and piece speaks volumes about your personality – so keep it real folks!

Large Wall Art pieces are not limited to any specific room. Your favorite statement piece can be placed in the entrance area or living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms too.

By far, our most popular large Wall Art Pieces come from the Pop Art and Street Art genres. Art in these genres are usually colourful, busy and can keep a gaze for some time. You’ll find a whole lot of famous icons and brands in these pieces.

Artists from everywhere around the globe are expressing themselves with icons and brands, and even famous Artists trademarks, like Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Crown”.

And the best part is that even the large Pop and Street Art pieces are more accessible and affordable, opening up the joy and love of Wall Art to so many more people who can’t or won’t buy Fine Art or one-off pieces.

Curatr offers hundreds of affordable options of unframed large and small Wall Art in many genres. Whether it’s colourful Pop and Street Art or more classic Modern Contemporary and minimalist Abstract Art, our range covers it all. It’s simple enough to order. Make sure you have the right measurements (see our “How to Measure for Wall Art” blog for measuring hacks) and then place your order.  We can also assist with selecting the right size and quote on framing to make it easier for you.