What’s trending – to buy or not to buy

There’s some incredible bloggers, influencers and professionals who can pull of what’s trending and always keep ahead of the game. Then there’s the majority!

Trending clothing, décor and even Wall Art for that matter is great but most trends are just seasonal. However, more and more people are choosing to purchase what they love whether it’s vintage, new, retro, trending or not. This is one smart way to buy.

Some trends are that even last only a season. And this is where to ensure a keen eye and envision if the style has longevity.

Curatr’s Wall Art has a broad range so that people with all varied styles can find the right Wall Art piece that ‘aligns their space and personality and that can be enjoyed for many years. Since the products are more affordable than original Art, it’s also a more palatable purchase.

Black and white photography is a big sensation when it comes to iconic people. Ranging from Supermodels from the 60’s to 90’s, todays icons and the most famous actors and musicians of all time.

The most exceptional gallery walls can be created with a mix of these images in various sizes and shapes, or one can be strategically placed for impact. The right images do not date. Another element to pop the iconic black and whites, is to paint a portion of the wall a darker colour to add more of an affect.

Think of this coming to life on a staircase (like in Drake’s house), and entrance wall or even a bar area. This certainly is wow and has the capacity to stand the test of time.

Pop Art is also a strong contender for continuity Wall Art because it usually contains iconic people, brands, characters, symbols and insignia that’s come through generations. A pop of colour with a mix of these characteristics can give a space an immediate facelift and will keep the eye of the beholder’s in a gaze.

Abstract can be long-lasting and stand the time test but this is extremely particular. Geometric abstracts for instance are hot at the moment but will they be in a year or two? You decide for yourself. Rather go for an interesting mix of colours and various shapes instead of the abstract Wall Art just being ‘smudges’. The key is not to select something that’s hot today but rather something that’s a classic and can remain a central piece even if you change things around.

Modern Contemporary is a stunning genre and if selected correctly, does not date. We love the black and white or muted colours in this genre and sets of two or three work incredibly well in the right space.

Trending or not, Wall Art is a choice of a style that you love and that will compliment your living space for years to come.